September 1-2, 2021
Louisville, KY

Speaker Spotlight

Randy Kissell

Full Name: Randy Kissell

Title: managing partner

Company: Trinity Consultants

Years of Experience: 43

ALUMINUM USA: Tell Us About Yourself, Professionally

ALUMINUM USA: What are you known for professionally? What is your area of expertise? My area of expertise is aluminum structural design.

ALUMINUM USA: What are you most passionate about professionally? What most excites you about your work and the contribution(s) you make?  I enjoy teaching about aluminum’s structural applications.  To that end, I co-authored a textbook published by John Wiley, Designing Aluminum Structures, and I’ve taught the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Aluminum Structural Design seminar for 17 years.

ALUMINUM USA: Professional and/or recognition(s)? I’m the chair of the American Welding Society’s aluminum structural welding committee, and a member of the Aluminum Association’s Engineering Advisory Committee, the Canadian Standards Association committee on strength design in aluminum, and the ASTM’s Light Metals Committee.

ALUMINUM USA: Tell Us About Yourself, Personally

ALUMINUM USA: Any volunteer activities you enjoy? Why? I’m a Trustee at Wells College, located in Aurora, New York, and I’m an advocate for a well-rounded undergraduate education.

ALUMINUM USA: Tell Us About Your Thoughts on the Industry

ALUMINUM USA: Has there been any significant advancement within your area of expertise? The Aluminum Design Manual has become more user-friendly, better organized, and more widely applicable in recent years, making aluminum structures more competitive and easier to design than ever before. 

ALUMINUM USA: What is your favorite ALUMINUM USA memory?

ALUMINUM USA: What are you looking forward to at ALUMINUM USA this year? I look forward to visiting with colleagues in the industry.  It’s always a pleasure to see in person the people with whom I trade emails or phone conversations.