September 1-2, 2021
Louisville, KY

Speaker Spotlight

Glenn Daehn

Full Name:  Glenn Daehn

Title:  Fontana Professor of Metallurgical Engineering

Company: The Ohio State University

Years of Experience: 32 as a professor


ALUMINUM USA: Tell Us About Yourself, Professionally

ALUMINUM USA: Please tell us how your career started.
Glenn Daehn: I am a second-generation metallurgist.  My dad got me into the profession and I have a daughter who also considers herself a metallurgist with a PhD.  It’s in the blood. 


ALUMINUM USA: Tell Us About Yourself, Personally

ALUMINUM USA: Where can we find you when you’re not working? What’s your favorite way to spend some well-deserved time off?

Glenn Daehn: I have a couple small sailboats. Don’t do it nearly enough, but hanging out on boats and around docks is where I feel best. 

ALUMINUM USA: Any volunteer activities you enjoy? Why?

Glenn Daehn: Chair of the ASM Materials Education Foundation. The Foundation is a group of dedicated volunteers that provides 40 hours of instruction to over 500 K-12 educators each summer, among other good activities.  This helps fill the STEM pipeline in Materials and Process careers. 


ALUMINUM USA: Tell Us About Your Thoughts on the Industry

ALUMINUM USA: Has there been any significant advancement within your area of expertise?

Glenn Daehn: We really think that being able to weld without melting and the trauma to microstructure and properties associated with melting will be transformational.  This is a key idea in this talk.

ALUMINUM USA: Where do you see the industry going in the next 10 years? Your area of expertise?

Glenn Daehn: I think there will be far fewer vehicles, but they may each be expected to run over 10 hours per day to over 1 million miles.  With this, cars will be constructed more like 737’s than present-day Impalas.