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Swiss EMC&DC Casting Machine

GAP Engineering is specialized in the domain of the industrial automation and turnkey machines for Direct Chill (DC) and Electromagnetic (EMC) Casting Equipment. Strong of a big experience in many sectors, for new installations or modernizations, GAP Engineering can offer you the following services: • Electrical, mechanical and automation developments • Electronic development and software • Supply of automation solutions • Supply of turnkey machines (DC and EMC casting machines) • Electrical and mechanical manufacturing • Commissioning of delivered equipments Reliability, expertise and flexibility are primary qualities that GAP Engineering emphasize in its work to achieve the objective: Create a long-term partnership with its customers.


  • GAP level sensor (GLS)

    The inductive head is not sensitive to other neighboring objects and fume contrary to a capacitive head and laser sensors type. In case of short wave ...

  • GAP level actuator (GLA)

    The GLA is designed to ensure the positioning of the plug in the launder and thus regulate very precisely the flow of aluminium in the moulds. The GLA...

  • GAPCast

    GAPCast is a fully automated process for managing all phases of vertical aluminium casting. The main role of the process control unit is to calculate,...

  • EMC Process & tooling technology

    EMC (Electro Magnetic Casting) has established itself as the cutting-edge technology for the continuous casting of aluminium alloys and recent develop...

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    GAP Engineering SA
    Switzerland SIERRE GAP Engineering SA Techno Pole 5 3960
    Tel:  0041 41274555714
    Fax:  0041 41274555715


  1. Products and Services
    Aluminum products for special application
    • Electrical engineering & electronics
    • Mechanical & general engineering
    • Sand casting and mold casting
    Plant, Machinery, Equipment
    • Measurement and testing
    • Mechanical handling
    • Melting, casting, heat treatment and reheating technology (incl. furnaces)
    • Tool, die and mould making
    Services, consultancy
    • Engineering services
    • Software for process stimulation, computer programmes

Press Releases

  • EMC confirms its quality lead

    Increase in EMC capacity at Amag casting in Ranshofen with EMC2 in 2008 - EMC3 in 2014 and EMC4 in 2017!

  • GAP Molten Metal Leval Control

    Depending on the type of aluminum alloy to be cast, automatic casting machines need to be equipped with a precise molten metal level control system.

  • GAPCast in Rockwell

    Powerful database acquisition tools, applications for recipe management, installation configuration, and reporting.