September 1-2, 2021
Louisville, KY


MEET New People, NETWORK with Key Decision Makers, DISCOVER Business Opportunities

INTERPHEX is helping to expand networks and build relationships for attendees with new suppliers like you, before, during and after INTERPHEX. We’ve created a Personalized Exhibitor Recommendation Program offering a simple way for attendees to find the right business partner to meet their needs and secure cost effective solutions for their capital projects.

What are the Advantages of Personalized Recommendations for Exhibitors?

  • Access to Key Decision Makers with capital project and sourcing needs
  • Establish business relationships 6-8 weeks prior to INTERPHEX
  • Your company, technologies, products and services are automatically suggested to pre-registered and registered attendees pre-show, at show and post-show to key decision makers who “match” your company’s offerings

How does it work?

  • All pre-registered and registered attendees receive Recommendations during the registration process.
  • Registrants are asked a few questions based on sourcing interests and specific business needs.
  • We provide each attendee with a list of personal exhibitor recommendations to help plan ahead for the show.
  • Recommendations are provided 6-8 weeks prior to the show, at-the show and post-show.
  • Attendees review their exhibitor recommendations, explore new companies, and discover new technologies, products and/or services!
  • Follow up with a personal outreach to build relationships is highly encouraged for successful business meeting
  • Attendees also have the opportunity to research even more companies by product category, exhibitor name to review all technologies, products and services
  • Attendees will send an email directly though the INTERPHEX Mobile App or make a personal phone call to introduce themselves to you and schedule onsite meetings.
  • Start responding to your meeting requests…it’s that simple!

Recommendations are not sponsored content or advertisements, they are custom “matches” based on information and interests provided during registration.

Statistics from INTERPHEX 2018

  • 98% of pre-registered and registered Key Decision Makers were sent exhibitor and conference recommendations as they planned for and attended INTERPHEX 2018
  • 300+ onsite Attendees requested Personalized Recommendations onsite at Information Booths
  • 86% of Key Decision Makers agreed recommendations made them aware of exhibitors they were unfamiliar with.
  • 62% of Key Decision Makers reported awareness of an unfamiliar Technology, Product or Service tops the list of benefits attendees appreciate most \about the INTERPHEX Recommendations Program

Attendee and Exhibitor Feedback
“I think if more exhibitors knew the benefits, they could use this in their call outs to get more attendees to the show. The more attendees at the show, the better it is for the whole industry.”

“It is good to start if it is the first contact with customers in the States.”

I had already made my own list of 50 exhibitors to convince my boss we should register, then I saw the recommendations. Your recommendations overlapped with a few of mine which made me feel good about them…

“We used them to make a list of 30 suppliers to see. I connect with them to pre-book onsite meetings. Whatever happened we didn’t want to come all this way and not meet the right people!”